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Solid Walnut Edge Grain Cutting Board

Solid Walnut Edge Grain Cutting Board

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Beautiful yet tough and ready to be put to work. At home on any countertop, this edge grain cutting board is a perfect combination of aesthetics and durability.

measures 16” x 10” x 1.25”

Available in multiple sizes to fit your needs or inquire about a custom piece.

What is edge grain?

Cutting boards can be made in three different ways depending on the orientation of the wood.
Face grain is what you would see if you looked at the top of a board and while being very beautiful, is the least resilient against cutting and chopping.

End grain is what you would see if looking at the end (obviously) of a board. This is the most durable but least beautiful arrangement and is usually reserved for things like butchers blocks.

Edge grain cutting boards have the edges of each piece oriented so that they make up the cutting surface or the top of the cutting board. This is a beautiful way to display the unique properties of the wood and will also stand up to years of cooking.

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